Kelsey-Seybold Announces Opening of New Clear Lake Clinic

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With the upcoming opening of another new clinic Kelsey-Seybold proves to be one of the biggest medical groups in the country.

Kelsey-Seybold is the largest private multi-specialty physician group in Houston and is also one of the most celebrated. It has a network of more than 20 clinics and its doctors offer expertise in around 50 different medical specialties. Given the size and reach of the group, it is no surprise to learn that the clinic is expanding to meet the increasing needs of its vast group of patients.

The result is an announcement on the construction of a 55,000 square-foot medical office that will have three stories. The building will be located at 1010 Sound Ponds Drive and will cost an estimated $10 million to build. It is being built to consolidate all medical services and physicians under a single roof. The new construction is to be called the Kelsey-Seybold Clinic-Clear Lake and is slated to open in summer 2014.

It will also act as a replacement for two Kelsey clinics currently located at Highway 3 and Gemini Avenue. When it opens, the clinic will be large enough for 25 physicians, but there is room for future expansion to increase that number to 37. It is the latest in the Kelsey-Seybold expansion and follows on from the Pasadena Clinic that opened in June 2013 and the Pearland Clinic that was opened in October 2013.

New Services

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Kelsey-Seybold Clinic is always looking to expand and provide a better range of services for patients and the Clear Lake clinic is proof of that fact. It will be one of nineteen multi-specialty clinics within the Greater Houston area and there will be an impressive array of services available for patients.

For example, it will now be possible to have full access to specialists in the following fields among others: Internal Medicine, Orthopedics, Cardiology, Urology, and Sports Medicine. Another excellent addition to the Clear Lake facility will be an onsite pharmacy, so that patients can fill prescriptions on the premises, rather than being forced to drive to the nearest pharmacy.

As well as having access to the aforementioned medical services, specialist physicians, and a pharmacy, there will also be state-of-the-art equipment, so physicians can now offer expanded medical and diagnostic testing. This includes mobile CT and MRI, EKG, cardio stress testing, and ultrasounds. If you are a patient that uses the clinics at Highway 3 and Gemini Avenue, you can rest easy, because they will remain open until the Clear Lake project is completed.

The Kelsey-Seybold Clinic was founded by Dr. Mavis Kelsey in 1949 and was located at the Texas Medical Center. It gradually expanded to the point where it is now the largest chain of clinics of its kind in the Houston area. The Clear Lake clinic will have all the usual amenities that Kelsey-Seybold is famed for, including a secure web portal for patients to speak to their physicians, schedule appointments, and get test results. This latest clinic is just another example of the Kelsey-Seybold brand expanding and providing patients with the latest and best medical treatments and innovations.

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