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Welcome to Bobek Commercial’s Montgomery County commercial real estate for sale listings page! Below we’ve listed details on commercial properties that are for sale in Montgomery County, such as land, retail space, industrial, office space, multi-family, and specialty property.

The population has more than doubled in the last 20 years and a host of Montgomery County commercial real estate for lease and purchase opportunities are available, especially in the cities of Conroe and The Woodlands. If you’re interested in commercial real estate, you need to know that there are several different types of property which we outline below.

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Regardless of whether you’re looking to buy land, office, retail, specialty, industrial, or multi-family property, Bobek Commercial will find it for you!


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About Montgomery County, Texas

Montgomery County, Texas is one of the state’s largest counties, which was created in 1837. It is one of the top 25 fastest growing counties in the United States and has a population of over 485,000, according to the 2012 Census.

Types of Commercial Real Estate in Montgomery County

Commercial real estate has the potential to be far more lucrative than residential real estate, as you will be dealing with huge organizations. Some of the world’s biggest companies have purchased real estate in Montgomery County in recent years. Particularly lucrative investments you will find in Montgomery County include:

  • Offices & Warehouses: These are fantastic investment opportunities, because they have triple net leases. This means your tenants not only pay you rent, they also pay for maintenance and repairs, property insurance, and real estate taxes. Triple net leases tend to range from 5 to 20 years in duration. One downside is that if you allow a tenant to have a 20-year lease with a set price, you miss out if the industry enjoys huge growth during that time.
  • Retail: This includes shopping malls and yet again, the triple net lease is in effect. If you invest in retail properties, the rate of return does not drop, even when expenses and taxes increase. You can be more flexible with leases and keep things relatively short-term if you wish to increase rent over time. Generally speaking, rent increases will be included in a contract.
  • Leisure: Buildings like hotels and resorts tend to get their own category and while newcomers to commercial real estate are not advised to start out here, it can ultimately be a lucrative investment. If you decide to get involved, invest then lease it out to another company that will run the hotel/leisure property. This kind of business is specialized and should be left to experts, unless of course you have experience in this field.
  • Land Development: This is one of the most exciting forms of commercial real estate because of its remarkable potential. Given the size of Montgomery County and the growth of The Woodlands and other areas, you can earn a huge return on your investment. However, you must ensure the land in question is fit for purpose by putting it through a rigorous approval process. When you’re new to this form of investment, purchase a small amount of land to see how you cope before upping the stakes.

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