Commercial Real Estate Developments Coming to The Woodlands in 2014

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With Houston’s real estate market expanding, business is booming!

Officials in The Woodlands are confident that 2014 will be yet another memorable year in its history. The President and CEO of The Woodlands Area Chamber of Commerce, Karen Hoylman, stated that residential and commercial real estate developers are continuing to take an interest in the area, new companies are moving to The Woodlands, and existing companies are expanding. She said it was an exciting time and The Woodlands aimed to ensure all new companies are made to feel welcome, while making the transition as easy as possible for existing businesses. Below, we take a look at what real estate developers are planning commercial properties in The Woodlands for 2014.

Halberdier Lands Big Commercial Development

Halberdier purchased a 40-acre tract of land just 1,000 feet away from the Grand Parkway intersect and less than a mile from where ExxonMobil is currently operating. Among the company’s plans for the area is an industrial office park. According to Trey Halberdier, founder of the company, the organization’s core values are consistent with those of The Woodlands and he looks forward to providing decades of quality services that will have major impacts on the local area.

Newcor’s New Office

One of the main reasons why we expect the commercial real estate outlook in The Woodlands to continue looking good is the influx of talent and experience that already exists or is slated to arrive soon. An example of this is Newcor Commercial Real Estate, a company that has over 40 years of experience and has been involved in over $500 million worth of transactions. This organization announced that it is throwing its hat into The Woodlands commercial real estate ring.

Newcor understands that something special is happening in The Woodlands and points out that the construction of the ExxonMobil campus and Grand Parkway are two of the most exciting projects in the entire country. Add in the growth of other leading companies, such as Anadarko, Southwestern Energy, and Chevron and you have a mixture of potentially incredible growth and an influx of good paying jobs.

Creekside Village Green

Upward View of Skyscrapers

Upward view of skyscrapers in the downtown area of Houston.

The Woodlands Development Company has just broken ground on Creekside Village Green, which is said to be the centerpiece of the Creekside Park Village Center; the eighth shopping center to be built in The Woodlands. The Village Green offers a scenic park lined with trees and features a beautiful water fountain. There is also two 40,000 square feet office/retail buildings and a restaurant spanning 4,500 square feet. Tenants in the new shopping center will include H-E-B, Crust Pizzeria, and Walgreens.

In other words, it looks like 2014 will be ‘business as usual’ when it comes to commercial real estate development in The Woodlands. If you believe Newcor, this is just the tip of the iceberg, because there is so much available space yet to be gobbled up and no shortage of interested parties. We may well be entering a golden era in commercial real estate in a couple of years and it looks as if The Woodlands will be leading the charge in Texas, if not the entire country.


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