Eagle Ford Shale Expansion Just Part of Williams-Meridian’s Future Plans

Williams-Meridian Companies is a real estate investment and development firm that is based in Houston, Texas. It is the latest company in its field to announce a strategic change and corporate realignment. As at March 2013, Williams-Meridian aims to expand within the Eagle Ford shale as it looks to acquire and develop extra workforce housing communities while continuing to invest in single-family apartments and homes in certain markets across the country, with a particular interest in Texas.

Supply & Demand

Gas Shale Oil Drilling

President of Williams-Meridian, Philip Williams, announces that the company is expanding its oil and gas shale efforts in specified markets across the nation.

Philip Williams is the President of the company and he confirmed that it was looking at the oil and gas shale markets while also continuing with housing projects. He cryptically announced that the company would be doing things differently to its rivals. He admitted that the company was excited to satisfy high demand for real estate in the Eagle Ford shale and was delighted to be part of a recovery in the real estate market of Houston. Williams emphasized that the opportunities were real and happening close to the firm’s location so it is their goal to be a major player in these real estate areas.

This news should not come as a surprise as Williams-Meridian has been heavily involved in the investment and development sides of real estate in the last few years. While other businesses in the niche have faltered, Williams-Meridian has gone from strength to strength as it has established a successful development, investment and consulting platform in real estate all over the United States. The company has managed to conclude deals with important development organizations and clients so clearly, the economic problems that are gripping other businesses have not hurt Williams-Meridian.

Massive Potential

Philip Williams also confirmed that the company was a long way from being content in the Eagle Ford shale. In fact, he believes that the market there is ‘unbelievable’. He spoke of the company’s branded Ventana Creek platform and how it was only in the early stages with the potential for 50+ housing areas like Ventana Creek in parts of the region where gas and oil is at its peak. He also believes that the Houston residential housing market is in a similar position. Williams concluded by saying that the company’s interest in Houston will lead to success as it is a market that will grow far beyond areas explored by rivals.

Williams-Meridian Companies is a commercial real estate development firm that is privately held and full of ambition. If Philip Williams is right in his assertions, the company is in for a profitable future.

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