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O.J. Bobek

Welcome to Bobek Realty Group Commercial, I’m O.J. Bobek, Conroe Commercial Real Estate Broker, and whether you’re looking to purchase, sell, or lease any commercial property, you can trust that my knowledge and understanding of Texas real estate will help you get the best possible deal.

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“O.J.’s knowledge of real estate and business valuations has been a great asset to us and we feel very comfortable recommending him to our friends and associates…”
– Billy and Gwen C.

Spring, TX

“I never seen a more professional and caring individual. From start, to way past the finish, O.J. made sure the verbiage in the contract was correct and helped us with our power to occupancy permits. I would recommend and definitely use him in the future…”
– Willard W.

Houston, TX

“O.J. is very approachable and personable. He listens to his client and develops recommendations based on the best interest of his clients. He is also very tenacious…”
– Bob B. & Sugene K.

The Woodlands, TX

“O.J. Bobek did a masterful job of negotiating my recent land purchase. His years of experience and expertise in the Spring/Woodlands area saved me thousands of dollars. His negotiating skills enabled me to practically steal the property. I will definitely use him again…”
– Dave C.

The Woodlands, TX

“Why do I use O.J. Bobek for my real estate representation – buying, selling, or as our tenant rep? Competence, thoroughness, put’s me or my company first, listens to our needs, develops a well-organized plan to buy, sell or lease space, and that he executes and makes it look easy…”
– Fred D.

The Woodlands, TX

Conroe, Texas
Lake Conroe in Conroe, Texas
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Our values lie in...
Honesty. We work to build up a trust with our clients.
Real estate is a team sport.
Listening. We take the time to listen to client's needs and wants.
Our job is to be very good listeners.
Recognition. We identify all risks in each transaction.
The client must be able to justify the transaction.
Emotion. We encourage business decisions, not emotional decisions.
We must become unattached agents and be trusted liasons.
The client's interests must come first, the rest will follow.
Quality. We have qualified vendors to assist in all aspects.
Lenders, contractors, title companies, attorneys & decorators.

Conroe Commercial & Industrial Property Broker Services

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Office Space
OFFICE: If you don't find the perfect location for your office, you may get locked into an agreement that doesn't suit your needs, which could end up costing money. Our firm carefully considers any potential complications that a specific location may have on your business and fully investigates the circumstances prior to suggesting leasing or buying the space. Our featured Conroe real estate broker, O.J., has a great deal of experience in helping tenants, landlords, buyers, and sellers with their office space desires.
Industrial Space
INDUSTRIAL: At Bobek Commercial we work diligently to meet and exceed our client's expectations. If you're seeking industrial property for sale or lease in Conroe, trust that our expertise and knowledge of the local area will help you with attaining the best possible deal. For further details on land acquisition, incentive negotiating, building disposition, representation for tenant/buyer, sale-/lease-back offer, property management, investment opportunity, market analysis, or market projection services, please contact us today.
Retail Space
RETAIL: It's all about location and if you don't have the right one, you could end up jeopardizing your livelihood. When it comes to finding the perfect retail location in Conroe, you need a broker who can help you to make sound business decisions. Our firm prides ourselves on helping clients with retail investments, representing landlords, and helping tenants to find the right spot to thrive and grow in.
Tenant Space
TENANT REPRESENTATION: O.J. has numerous experiences in brokering tenant property acquisitions and years of knowledge in interpreting local market conditions. If your agent is dead set on getting a deal signed, he may not be doing due diligence on your behalf. Count on a Conroe commercial real estate specialist to handle market research, needs and transaction management, and to highlight strategic marketing possibilities.
Multifamily Space
MULTIFAMILY: You can either make large profits or lose large when it comes to investing in multifamily real estate; however, with a skilled Conroe real estate broker at the helm, you greatly reduce the chances of obtaining a poorly performing property. At Bobek Commercial, we offer multifamily sales, financing information, acquisitions, development, and valuation for individuals seeking apartments, condos, townhouses, student homes, lofts, or land for residential income development.
Land Space
LAND: For land and development brokerage services, ask the pros at Bobek Realty Group to give you a helping hand! Our firm understands that there are certain complexities that need to be addressed prior to making a large land transaction. Anyone seeking to buy land in Conroe can rest assured that your friends at Bobek will assist with sales leasing, negotiations, feasibility analysis, site identification, local demographics, valuation, entitlement, and environmental resource services.

About Conroe, Texas

Conroe was also the location for one of Elvis Presley’s early performances in 1955. The city’s popularity dwindled for a time, but at the start of the 21st century, it came back to life because of the residential and commercial real estate industries. At this time, contractors and homebuilders from all over the state of Texas and around the country came to Conroe to build office spaces for businesses and homes for new residents.

Conroe Today

The city of Conroe, Texas is a very important location, as it is the seat of Montgomery County. It currently has a population of approximately 56,000 and came from humble beginnings. The city is named after Isaac Conroe, who founded a sawmill in the area in 1881. This lumber industry, coupled with a growth in oil production, saw the town grow in importance. For a few years in the 1930s, Conroe was officially the wealthiest city in the United States thanks to the oil industry.

Life in Conroe

Living in Conroe can be a mixed basket for most, considering that many live bustling lifestyles, while others meander their way through the day. It's one of the things that make this city a great place to call home and an even better place to run a business in. When it comes time to setting up your business in Conroe, there are several distinct types of commercial real estate, each of which can prove to be profitable ventures for those interested in investment opportunities. For the purposes of clarity, we divide commercial real estate into three main categories:
  • Industrial properties: This is an umbrella term for properties used for warehousing, distribution, or manufacturing. Smaller properties are called ‘flex’ buildings and are typically used as industrial space. Although warehouses tend to be the largest properties, they are also the cheapest. Clear height is one of the most important aspects of industrial space and describes the height of the property from top to bottom in the building’s interior. Incubator buildings are generally the smallest type of property in this category and are normally used by start-up industrial companies.
  • Office properties: This category is far from mysterious and as you can tell, refers to office buildings that are used for business operations, such as insurance and accounting. These properties will be closer to the center of a town than industrial buildings and are therefore more expensive. As Conroe is part of the Houston-Sugarland-Baytown metro area, one of the largest in the United States, businesses are prepared to pay a small fortune for office space in this part of the city. Office buildings range from class A-C with A considered the highest quality property. High rise buildings are defined as properties with five stories or more, mid rise have three to four stories, and low rise have one to two stories.
  • Retail properties: Buildings defined as stores selling goods fall into the retail category and these can be the most expensive of all, especially if the property is in the center of the city. Enclosed malls are shops located inside the building, multi-tenant anchored describes a large tenant with several different shops, while multi-tenant unanchored refers to numerous shops without an anchor. Buildings like hotels and restaurants could also fall into this category, but are sometimes defined as ‘leisure’ properties.
Land which has yet to be developed in an area, usually falls into its own category too; though there is a decreasing amount of available land in Conroe, as it is a city destined to grow in the future and attract yet more business, employment, and residents.


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